Net Zero & Smart City Buildings… Simplified

Our BaaB™ (Building as a Battery) solution turns dormant concrete into “smart flooring” to deliver many value streams enabling Net Zero, Smart City Ready resilient buildings with a lean budget. 

Capital cost savings + Energy & Operational Efficiency + Improved Air Quality, Comfort & Resilience = Winning Solution!

How this school became the Best Performing School in Canada among 500 schools with energy consumption of 8.3 ekWh/Sq.Ft. or 28.5 kbtu/Sq.Ft.

Creating Net Zero Real Estate Value

High performance buildings benefiting from low energy profitibility with TermoBuild’s innovative solution. 

Typical Applications: 
– Education 
– Government 
– Retail 
– Healthcare 
– Retirement 
– Nursing Homes 
– Assisted Living

The Building as a Battery platform takes a more sustainable and resilient approach than traditional stand alone HVAC equipment. It has been fundamental for helping acheive Net Zero Energy Buildings.

“Smart” concrete considered as a must-have asset in any Net Zero building. Cost/Benefit analysis validates.

Termobuild treats each hollowcore concrete slab as more than a floor in a building. It acts an an individual cell of Concretebattery™. Such batteries allow users to downsize conventional equipment, which frees up space within the building and allows for additional savings on operational costs.

Using ThermalAI™ innovation, many moving parts are eliminated. In essence, ConcreteBattery for SmartBuildings – is what NiCad battery is for Smart Phones. Best part they are not disposable.